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ocean mba

Speed of execution is critical in startups. The faster you learn, the faster you iterate, the faster you improve, the faster you make the sale, land the deal, and win! The Ocean MBA condenses startup strategy, knowledge, network and mentorship into just a few days, quickly putting ocean entrepreneurs on a speedy course to success.


Summer Session

In our summer session, we bring together mission-driven founders to participate in a rigorous few days of startup case studies, working sessions, and guest lectures with experience in everything from commercializing scientific innovation to fundraising through to exit. 

It is your chance to hone your strategy and pitch it to active investors. It’s our chance to get to know your startup inside and out. And it’s on all of us, to inspire and be inspired by a cohort of stellar innovators.

From Summer '23 Cohort

You all put together an incredible set of engaging speakers on topics that really matter for climate tech. I was especially struck by how deeply human all of the speakers were. They were open and vulnerable and willing to share the struggles they went through. They were not just pontificators. I think one of my biggest takeaways was the realization that there are so many individuals working in this space to approach the climate change problem, from so many different directions. It was inspiring!”

“This was the most concentrated, useful time we have spent since starting up.”

“You all need to figure out how to make that accessible to more founders. We learned so, so much.

Ocean MBA in Falmouth, MA

Winter Session

With the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as the backdrop, our winter session is open to vetted WHOI researchers with outstanding innovations in the ocean-climate nexus.  Here we run an action packed schedule of case studies, hackathons, networking, and guest lecturers focused on how to bring these innovations to market. We will work in topics like sales, marketing, product, and finance.

Between honing your pitch and meeting with Propeller partners, this session gives WHOI researchers the chance to vie for a grant to kick off their work.